Health And Sanitation (Immunization , Drinking Water , Sanitation Etc.)

The village level women committees played a crucial role in the organization of these activities. A Number of 12 women committee meetings were organized separately at the village level in addition to the mentioned figure.

The impact of these programmes on the community is quite visible. The village youth clubs have protected their village forests in 10 villages. The village communities are managing various activities like repairing the existing irrigation facilities, proper running of village schools, management of the credit and savings programmes, and last but not the list tapping government resources.These villagers are also trying to develop mechanism to resolve their village conflicts / disputes successfully. The ccommunity organization process has been strengthened at the village level through organization of activities like village level ledearship camps, awareness camps caps on government programmes and legal aid camps etc. The initiative by the womwn committees have created awareness among womwn against the use of liquor in the villages.

Sustainable community development Project

ASHA has successfully imarted different sustainable development activities at sinapali under Nuapada district for last 03 years. Presently we are focusing and emphasizing on different activities like youth development, women's empowerment, natural resourse management , livelihood development, women's empowerment generation, financial inclusion and different capaty building programmes under the project.

Research on PTG (Paharia and bhunjia)

The Organization conducting special research programme on paharia and bhunjia they are living own culture and traition. We are motivated to that tribe ralated to healthy living and we are also trying to highlight their culture and tradition. ASHA organized various type of programmme related to folkk dancce, music syystem and community living of tribes culture annd traditional methods through awareness and group meeting.

PEER educcation training

To educate the yoouth and to motive them to bring a change in their way of life the intervention looks at these issuees. The training programme also intends to increase the knowledge on SRH (Sexual Reproductive Health ) and HIV/AIDs,increase the leadership skill of the youth leader, disseminate appropriate information at the community level, to act as an agent of social change, build a Platform for youth to Share their issues among them and refer to the nearset PHC/ Dispensary.

Staff Training development

Training of staffs and interlocutorrs allways are important factors in the process of ASHA intervention. The training programmes are always dialogic in nature. It brings conceptual Clarity among the staffs on various subjects and also helps them to solve their field related specific problems.

Child rights

Children of tender age working in dhabass, garages, construction sites, bidi rolling units are common both in rural and urban areas. Sometimes these children are engaged in hazardous activities like garage and motors repairing work. There are legal provisions against employing child labours in hazardous activities nobody seems to bother about it. The main reason behind employing child labour is lack of sensitivity among the employers. ASHA launched a sustained camping on prevention of Employinf Child labour in Khariar and Komna Block of nuapada district. In order to achieve the objectives we organized rallies, workshop and seminars in the entire operational area. In addition to making awareness campaign ASHA is running child labour school by the collaboration with NCLP.