Financial literacy Training

Human beings share the aspiration of economic security with less money to spare. It is even more critical for the poor people to have opportunity for credit saving accounts and other financial service to successfully manage their money and innvest for future. In collaboration with a wide range of public and private sector prtners, our research and experties helps to offer consumers in the developing world increase access to finance.

Promotion of organic manure

We have imparted traininng and demonstrations to the farmers on preparation & promotion of organic manure like 'Handikhatta' , 'Compost Peet' & 'Vermi compost' . Our resource persons have facilitated and encouraged the faarmers for more stress on the organic manure like :

  • It can increase and improve the soil condition.
  • Increase the fertility of soil.
  • It will minimize pest and control disease.

Intervention 2015-16

ASHA adopted an intervention process that needed the direct involvement of the villagers. It conducted informal discussions & meetings and formal camps, workshops, etc. to generate greater participation.It also organized several other activities that allowed the people to address their social and economic problems and at the same time helped them to fight exploitative forces.

Education And Awareness Development

Education helps the people, analyze and reflect their problems and act for developpment.Thus it is not the literacy but the organizational value of education that is more important for the people. Education should help people articulate their own views ans vision, Consolidate local experiences and give creative forms to local aspirations. ASHA being sensitive to this aspect of education organized alll it's programmes and activities.

Other Activities

The ASHA has always trying to meet the social economic needs of the people of the area through its various activities. Over and above the activities mentioned in previous paragraphs. We undertake several others activities as per the need of time.