Our Mission

Organize the poor , build up their capacities and make them access to relevant sustainable livelihood development services with dignity and transparency.

  • Elimination of child labour
  • Strength the primary education system
  • Enable the community tomobilze the human & financial capital
  • Eradication of poverty
  • Social justice & Women Empowerment
  • Ensurement of Social joustical
  • Promotion of education
  • Rehabilitation of destiate children
  • Promotion of general health of children and expectant mother.
  • Community Based Diaster preparedness programmes
  • Restoration of ecology

Our vision

ASHA visualizes an egaliterian society of justice , economic, independence , empowerment and peace. A society based on sustainable socio-economic development where changes equal and made available to thedeprived sections to the society and exercise their right with human value of love, co-operation, justice and fraternity.


  • To facilitate the need based support services/ interventions on health, education and environment for the development of downtrodden.
  • To accelerated the sustainavle development process for the poor families.
  • TO make poor people united through groups in addressing sociial security and livelihood issues for reducing poverty and increasing household status.
  • To bring socio economic self-reliance and better livilihood through creating an enabling environment where poor people can pursue their choice of social and economic development activities.

Area Operation

Presently the ASHA is working Kariar, Komna, Boden & Sinapali Block of Nuapada District and Phirngia Block Of Kandhamal Districts and office is located at Khariar Under the district of Nuapada.