Future Plan

Through we are trying to conduct to all those programmes which will help to build better society & a complete society still we are limited in our actions due to several reasons that might be lack of main power, lack of money & lack of sufficient infrastructure. Still we are hoping for the best with our abilities & Capabilities. We had never forgotten our neglected disabled society.As far possible we are trying to meet their necessary requirements of Education, Training, Health, Employment, Self employment and other related aspects of rehabilitation.

Funds and infrastructure

Organization is a development stage it is not self sufficient in their matter of funds. It dooes not possess its own source of income. we are always depending on public donation and govt. and which is not sufficient.Also do not have out own in fractures facilities.

Growth Of ASHA

During the year 2014-15 ASHA obtained consideration growth in terms of achievement performance. Personnel area support, beneficiary etc. various meeting seminar and workshop were organized and arranged for their orientation and skill development.